Sunday, August 1, 2010

Just Movin' In

It's been a hectic day. We are now in the new apartment! We woke up at 7:30am this morning to make sure we were ready for the movers at 9am. I know, I know--DIY bloggers should never use a moving company. But let me tell you a story...

When I moved in with Andi in July of '09, we moved my stuff ourselves. I packed my things in re-purposed boxes, loaded them into her double-ought VW Jetta, moved them in about a hundred trips, and still had about 15% left to do with about a week left on my lease. And then I had to take a last minute work trip to Singapore. I was gone for that last week leaving Andi to pick up the slack.
She was not happy.

She moved the rest of my stuff, sold the stuff I didn't want on Craigslist, and helped my roommate clean the apartment. The ordeal nearly ended our budding relationship before it really began.

This time we wised up and agreed to hire a moving company to save our sanity and avoid numerous "arguments". At the same time we were supporting a fantastic program that helps rehabilitate those who were homeless or have served time, typically because of drug and alcohol abuse, and get them the tools they need to not only survive, but succeed in their endeavors. The organization is called the Delancey Street Foundation and in SF alone they run a restaurant, a cafe, Christmas tree lots, and a moving company, to name a few of their services. If you'd like more info, check them out here:

So now we're in. We're still in boxes. We have to set up all of our utilities. I'm posting this blog from my iPhone! But we're extremely excited. We're already finding many DIY tasks that need to be completed as soon as possible (although gorgeous, our new place is in shambles). List of potential pitfalls coming soon.


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